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Unleash your Creative Spirit for Health and Wellbeing

This website accompanies the book –

The Book on Art: 7 Ways to Unleash Your Creative Spirit Within for Health and Wellbeing

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By Susy Rogers,Ph.D. to be published in December 2019 Publishers, Toronto, Canada : The Raymond Aaron Group.

The artwork contents of the website are created throughout by participants in workshops exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials thereby encouraging creativity for health and wellbeing.

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In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that helped many to achieve their goals. I am available for taking on new work. See my contact information below and get in touch.

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My skills and specialities include Art Practice, Design, Research, Conference Presentations,Blogging, and Getting Things Done.

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In my early professional career I became a teacher in Mathematics, Science and Computing. Interestingly I re-invented myself as an educational researcher gaining a doctorate designing a theoretical model for online learning and teaching.

I entered Art School at The University of South Wales, Trefforest Campus, to explore and experiment with a variety of mixed media, realising the benefit that art practice brings to health and wellbeing.

My major works include a site specific interactive installation – “Thinking Time: Caught up in the continuing passage of Time” created with Cog Gear Trains and Pulleys; a Marble Run depicting the Pulmonary Circulatory System and a Series of Laser-etched panels to emphasise the very serious nature of “Sepsis”. I guess my artwork is focused on demystyfying scientific concepts.

My passion also lies in gardening wherein I find great pleasure and relaxation.


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16 Dennis Place
Bryncethin,BRIDGEND, CF32 9YP
South Wales, UK.

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