Creativity: Leaf Prints

Leaf Prints are a good way to start a project which encourages outdoor activities. Much fun with a sense of curiosity is developed by looking for different leaves of varying sizes, structures and texture that are suitable for leaf printing by covering the leaves on the ‘underside’ with poster paints or acrylic paints , pressing the painted side of the leaf onto different thicknesses if paper whether white, black or coloured in an interesting arrangement creating patterns that will fascinate you !

This Hedgerow Ferm makes an excellent ‘template’ for leaf-printing. Choose any poster or acrylic paint to paint over the underside of the leaf, pressing it down firmly (with painted underside of leaf touching your selected paper).

Just see the M A G I C print !

This is a shiny fresh Laurel Leaf from a Laurel hedge which is painted on the underside and firmly pressed onto an absorbent ‘sugar paper’ surface.

Lift the leaf gently from the paper.

Look at the M A G I C Print you have made.

Here we have the Laurel Leaf ‘print’ in royal blue poster paint. Look closely. You will notice the leaf rib and veins creating an unusual print pattern.

This is another very good example of a leaf that will give you a good print when you paint it with a generous coating of poster paint on the underside. Then press it down firmly for a few seconds. . .

(Maybe count to ten !)

So here it is, when lifting the leaf gently from the absorbent ‘sugar paper’ surface, the royal blue imprint of the nine patterned mid-ribs of each section gives a fascinating pattern.

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