Creativity: Collage

By definition Collage is a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.

This is an opportunity to be as adventurous as you can. Start collecting all kinds of scraps of newspaper cuttings, sweet and chocolate wrappings, silver paper, all kinds of fabrics and textile cuttings, threads and string. The list is endless. Small shells, beads, pencil shavings and all sorts of items that come your way. You can be truly inventive !

Here we have a patient’s Elephant where she pasted with PVA glue scraps of green and yellow tissue paper, scraps of silver and gold paper with red cellophane scraps to make this colourful Indian Elephant Collage. It helped her feel lifted from the depression she is suffering. She is hoping that with continued engagement in creativity she will be able to reduce the large amounts of medication that she is receiving at present.

The Fish from The Sea

This magnificent Fish Collage was created using the same materials that were used for the Elephant above by another visitor at The Sandville Self-Help Centre, Ton Kenfig, Near Porthcawl, Bridgend.

Here we have a very colourful Elephant Collage. The tail is made of twisted black serviette material. How original is that !

Collage on Hexagonal Plywood Tiles

A small group of participants explored possibilities of creating collage designs by experimenting with hexagonal tiles. The results were amazing !

Some participants decided to add messages to their artworks. This caused a great deal of merriment.

Collage of an Assembly of Seven Hexagonal Tiles

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