Inspirational Books to Read


Gut Feelings: Frostbite, Maggots, Meningitis and More…

Trusting your Intuition in Medical Moments that Matter from The North Pole to the Equator.

Published by: 10-10-10 Publishing, Markham, Ontario, Canada (October 2019)

ISBN: 9781 698849676

This book entices the reader to explore the unknown and take a jump into the “great adventure, which is our amazing lives”.

The Award Winning Author, Dr Fizzy Lillington (2019), warns us “Not to dither on the edge of maybe, just jump right in and do it !” Her collection of stories are nail-biting experiences, coming from all parts of the world where Dr. Fizzy has travelled, including the North Pole. You will be downright horrified by some of her real-life stories.

A Must Read Book

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