Creativity: Making and Printing Templates

Elephant Templates

These templates are made from stiff card. Be sure to draw a good solid outline for the elephant’s trunk and tail to ensure that it does not break off when painting with thick poster or acrylic paint.

The template here is made from thick strong corrugated cardboard. On the back of the template, a stout “handle” is attached (by masking tape) so that it gives a good grip when positioning the template on a piece of absorbent paper.

When the template has been correctly positioned, make sure to press it down firmly keeping the template in position for a few seconds (count up to ten !). Then lift the cardboard template gently off the absorbent paper so as not to smudge the print.

A group of participants in a “Art for Health and Wellbeing Workshop” (Bryn, Port Talbot) enjoyed this activity so much that herds of elephants came out to play. . .

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