Creativity: Paper Weaving


In this section you are introduced to Paper Weaving where you will find endless opportunities to be creative. Just to explain a little jargon:

The base paper sheet is known as the WARP where horizontal lines are cut so as to use paper strips known as the WEFT for weaving in between the cuts at right angles.

The Workshop Title at EDULEARN2019 Palma Mallorca (2 July 2019)

To begin this workshop, some simple weaving was demonstrated  using only 4 cuts in the warp and using 3 strips as the weft.

This QR code will take you to the video which demonstrates the weaving process with paper.
Here the woven strands , three of them are woven through the warp ( 4 paper cuts)

more examples are shown here in the slides

Do have fun experimenting with coloured papers, black and white (maybe WARP black and WEFT white or vice versa WARP white and WEFT black)


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